Thursday, February 02, 2012

The End

The wagon is finished at last.

The outside painted and sign-written.

Unfortunately Ollie has hidden the wagon away in the yard among old, derelict wagons where no-one can see it, so I could only get a couple of photos to put here.

I think it's a fine job. I've learned a lot from the process and certainly would do things differently another time but it looks good and is a credit to all who've worked on it.



Blogger Flymo said...

Very well done! That looks to be a superb job. You must be so proud that it's finished.

Is now the right time to start a discussion about the correct shade of Midland Wagon Grey?


7:22 am, February 04, 2012  
Blogger frogspawn said...

Hi Flymo,

Thank you. I think it's a good job too. Unfortunately it's now hidden away were the public can't see it. I hope it will be moved to a more prominent position soon.

The photo isn't an accurate representation of the colour. Questions about it are likely to cause consternation as the discussion about it was protracted. I did find a recipe for the correct shade of Midland grey but it involved making up the paint using lead and other unsavoury materials. We couldn't find a BS number for it.


8:44 am, February 05, 2012  
Blogger SWrural said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

11:44 am, February 06, 2014  
Blogger Howard Thomas said...

I have just read this from beginning to end, many thanks. I believe the piece that sits on top of the solebar and keeps the planks in is called the curb rail, at least by the LMS it was. This whole blog deserves to be a standard manual on wagons and their restoration. I hope you have backed this up safely. Thank you Stuart. One question: you mention fastening coach bolts through metal top rails which keeps the top sheets weather-resistant. I got the impression that you wrote that these bolts went right down through all the sheets and through the 'curb rail'. Is that right?

11:57 am, February 06, 2014  

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