Monday, August 08, 2011

Draw Gear

Construction moves on. We now have the new (second hand) draw springs and draw bars ready to fit. They were taken from another wagon that is not fit for renovation and so is being dismantled.

Here you can see the new draw-spring looking like a cross-bow lying under the wagon.

We laid out the draw-springs, old draw-bars and connecting basket - that thing in the middle that contains springs to help absorb the shocks as the wagon is pulled along.

We only needed to lay out one end as the ends are identical, so all measurements could be made to the centre-line of the frame. We needed to know that the draw-springs would fit because they are slightly different from the originals, in the end there was only a 3/8th inch difference in length.

Here you can see the new and old draw-bars side by side on the ground. The new ones are heavier section than the old ones but are of comparable construction. We cut the new ones to the same length as the old and then cut new threads (1 3/4 inch) on the new ones.

Here is one of the new ones threaded, with a hole for a split-pin in the end of the threads, and primed ready for final painting.

I am writing this on Monday 8th August and Ollie plans to install the draw-gear on Wednesday. I'll be at work so won't get any photos of that.


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