Friday, August 26, 2011

On Our Knees

During the past couple of weeks we have installed the draw gear.

These were very heavy and had to be jacked up to fit them.

Last Saturday we finished bolting up the end timbers that embrace the draw springs then we installed the iron knees that support the ends of the sides adjacent to the side doors.

I had spent time the previous Saturday cutting out rebates in the side members of the frames to let the knees contact the planks. Ollie had ordered the planks and they were delivered during the week.

So using one of the side planks we were able to fit the knees in position, locate them correctly on the length of the frame using the "hockey stick" irons that fit to the cross tie bars, then mark and drill the holes to take the bolts through the frames to bolt down the knees.

With all the knees in place we can now begin planking the wagon.

This week's task is to measure and cut the floor planks and drop them into place so that we can work from them to fit the planks.


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