Saturday, September 10, 2011

Brakes and Planks

While we've been working on the frame and planking of the wagon elsewhere the brake mechanisms are being repaired. They are nearly ready for installation now, but some straightening has been necessary.

We've spent the past couple of Saturdays laying the floor planks. This is not so easy as it might look. The frames are held together by bolts and it was necessary to bore holes in the underside of the planks to accommodate the bolt heads. This meant cutting each plank to length, putting it into position on the frame and hitting it down onto the bolt heads with a mallet to mark each bolt's position, then remove the plank again to cut the hole for the bolt head.

I had to rebate the undersides of the planks each side of the doors to allow for the bottom legs of the side support knees.

Next I'll fit the drop doors and the planking between them, then it's on to the ends and sides.


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