Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Good Day's Work

On Saturday 15th January Ollie, Roger and I set about drilling the headstocks.

I marked them out from the drawings I'd done earlier, Ollie and Roger handled the drill.

By the end of the day we'd all but finished one of the headstocks and today, Sunday, I went along to find that they had nearly finished the other.

I had a little more work to do to mark the positions of some more bolt holes, and that's what this photo is about.

Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera along yesterday, so I have no pictures of the work in progress.

We need some hole saws (which I know as tank saws because they used to be used to cut holes in tanks) to finish of the headstocks and to cut the holes in the cross-beams to let the draw-bar pass through. I hope to have the hole saws next weekend and finish that job off. Soon we will begin to assemble the frame, but first we have to drill the location holes for the spring-hangers in the bottom edges of the sole-bars.

Further to an earlier post of a photo of Ollie and Roger working on a brake handle. Ollie has taken exception to my description of him as hanging around like a spare part. Apparently he was not hanging around but was 'thoughtful'. It looked like hanging around to me.


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