Monday, August 02, 2010


The two sets of wheels were made at different times and different places. One axle was made in 1886 and the other in 1889.
The 1889 manufactured set has this casting mark in the axle:

If I make out that lettering correctly it is "John Brown and Co. Atlas Toughened Steel" and below that "Sheffield"; and the date 1889.
The wheels on this axle have this casting mark on them:

which indicates that they were made in Derby.

The other axle has this mark:

and this date in it:

Ollie dye-tested the axles and wheels and showed that they have no cracks in the castings.

I've done a little research on the internet into Steel, Peech and Tozer, who existed with that name from 1875 until the mid-twentieth century. The Sheffield Atlas steelworks was opened in 1856 by John Brown of Sheffield There's more information on the development of this Sheffield steel manufacturer here:

I haven't done extensive research into this subject but finding the casting marks and the ages of the axles and wheels has beeing interesting. If you know anything about these manufacturers I'd like to hear about it.


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