Sunday, July 25, 2010

Victoria Derby

While cleaning the wheels I came across a foundry mark imprinted in some of the spokes. The mark is a woman's head surrounded by the words "Victoria Derby".

Only one wheel set has these casting marks so far as I can find - I have yet to finish cleaning both sets of wheels.

I've done a little internet search and come up with these links:

Derby Carriage and Wagon Works.

Derby Museum there's a photo of the carriage and wagon works in action down the page.

Grace's Guide.

LMS history.

There were other connections too, but I think that's enough for now.

When I first noticed the casting marks I thought it might mean that at least the wheel set was made before Queen Victoria's death in 1901. I'll try to get a rubbing of the cast mark and post it here.

There are other marks on the ironwork. The brake levers have an outline of a fish embossed in them along with the railway company's monogram. I'll get rubbings of those too.


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