Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ratchet Straps

Another day at the railway saw me fitting the side-members of the frame.

These are four by four-and-a-half inch timbers that run the full length of the frame providing the support for the side-planks and the end protection for the floor boards. They are heavy timber but not quite straight, being bowed up in the middle so I set about finding a way to pull them into line so that I could drill the holes to bolt them to the sole-bars.

I used the ratchet straps to pull the upward bow down to level and wedges to raise the part of the member that dipped below the required level. I ended up with this:

I went on with Roger's help to drill the holes for the half-inch coach bolts that will hold the members in place and the three-quarter inch tie-bars that run the full width of the wagon.


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